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Made to Measure - how and why?

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Price Guide and Payment Options
Please contact me if you would like a quote. The cost depends on the design, which particular materials are used. However, for a very rough guide:
Shoes: £70
Ankle Boots: £70
Below knee boots: £130
Over knee Length, buckles: £150
Below knee boots with moulded leather, airbrushing and cloven hooves: £230

I accept payments via Paypal.

Terms and Conditions


It may be possible for me to take measurements personally.

If you wish to take your own, I will make every attempt to explain how to take measrements  accurately.  However, I cannot accept any resonponsiblity for an error resulting from customer measurement.


Prices shown on this website include packing, but do not include shipping, which will be charged extra. Shipping cost will depend on the package weight and destination.


Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me.
If you are unhappy with the quality of manufacture, or if there is a problem due to an error in the measurements that I have personally taken, I will give you a full refund after the items have been returned to me in a new and unused condition. To make a refund, there must be no sign of wear and the items must be returned to me in their original box, as dispatched. I regret that I am unable to refund shipping charges

The best method for any communication is by e-mail.
To find out more information or to place an order, please e-mail me at

Workshop postal address:
28 Vine Close,
Welwyn Garden City,

Sorry, this is not a shop address. Measurements and fittings by appointment only. Please contact me via the e-mail address if you are interested in this, or for any other query.

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