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Designs Made to Measure

All boots and shoes are made using lasts. An example of a size 3, pointed toe last is shown in the picture.
The uppers are stretched over the last and insole to give the desired size and shape.

Each different toe shape, each heel height and sometimes each foot shape (for anyone who isn't exactly standard!) need a different pair of lasts.
Most manufacturers buy in and use standard lasts cut to average measurements.
I carve my own lasts out of wood.
This gives me more control. I can design in the required shape at this very early, crucial stage, and I make them to measure.


I can take measurements for you, by appointment.

However, if you have a fabric (dress making type) tape measure,
a ruler and chair with straight legs, it is also possible to take your own.
Shoes and ankle boots just need measurements 1-5
Knee length boots need 1-7
Over the knee require all measurements from 1-9
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1. Foot Length. Best done sitting on a chair with a vertical wooden leg. Place a ruler on the ground with zero at the edge of chair leg. With your foot in the air, push your heel against the leg and then tread down gently so as not to move the ruler. Then measure the distance to the longest toe (... I say that at the big toe isn't always the one that sticks out the furthest). Check with both feet a few times to make sure you get the same measurement each time and to see if your feet at the same length. If they are slightly different in length, give me the longest measurement. If there is a large difference, then please give me both measurements for left and right as I can left and right to different measurements (if you want this).

2. Instep. With a fabric tape measure (dress making type), measure around the foot, under the arch and over the highest point of the top of the foot, which should be the opposite side of the arch.

  3. Ball of the foot - width. Use a ruler to measure the width across the ball of the foot. Put the ruler on the floor and your foot on top to do this. Measure the widest point (the bump at the base of big and little toe)
4. Ball of the foot - circumference. The same position as the width, but use a fabric tape measure again right around the ball of the foot.

5. Ankle. Fabric tape measure around the bone of the ankle.
Please continue with these measurements for knee length designs

6. Calf. The widest measurement around the calf. Don't squeeze the tape measure too tight!.

7. Boot shaft height. This is the vertical distance from the heel (stand on the floor and measure upwards) to the point on the leg where you want the top of boot to be. For knee length boots, don't make it so high that the top of the boot cuts into your leg when you bend the knee.
...And for over the knee designs:

8. Knee circumference. Measure all the way around the knee, with the leg bent, over the knee cap.

9. Thigh circumference.

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